Everyday Stonehenge

Everyday StonehengeThere are a few things in life I have come to accept I will never understand:

  • why trees are planted beside sidewalks or right up against houses when they are just going to be uprooted as soon as they are big enough to provide a satisfactory amount of shade
  • advanced mathematics
  • how most electronics work
  • the expansion of the universe – what exists before that part of space becomes part of the universe

However, I know that there is method to the madness. Even the strangest things can have simple explanations if we are willing to look for the answers.

When I saw this on the beach, I could not come up with a single explanation for the existence of this tree formation. I’m sure there is a perfectly logical reason why the trees were planted this way, but I got nothing.

ETA: Showed this post to hubby. He explained the trees and has explained electronics to me before. I get the trees…

Photo Challenge: Order


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