Planning (or lack thereof)

Now that Jason and I have our wedding license, the next step is, of course, to actually get married. When will this happen? No idea. Sometime in the next 55 days.

We have now been engaged for one year and three months. The original plan was to get married right after we moved into the apartment together and then have the ceremony with our friends and family in October this year. Obviously, that didn’t happen. And we haz no money for the ceremony. Why? Because rent, food, car payment, bills, etc.

Thus, the current plan is to get married whenever time allows and then have the ceremony in October 2017. I do not even know where to begin planning. Our family is scattered across the US so several of my family members are planning on making it their vacation when they are here. Even though I have made it clear that 1) I will not have extra vacation time to do crap 2) I don’t have money for touristy things and 3) I will want to spend that time with my bridesmaids who live out of state, I still feel so much pressure to be a travel guide and make sure everyone is entertained while they are here.

Additionally, every time I start looking at venues, I start panicking. You want to book this room for 4 hours? $4,000. Wait, what? And you don’t provide anything? You’re joking, right? Tell me you’re joking.

I really don’t understand how people my age get married. We’re already thousands of dollars in debt from college. Is there any way to have a decent wedding with maximum 30 people attending and not have to take out a loan? I work on Sundays and there is no chance of us joining a church and having a free ceremony. Jason’s parents moved with us and they are the only family we have out here, but I don’t want them to have to pay for anything.

If all else fails, there’s probably room for 30 people in the apartment office…


4 thoughts on “Planning (or lack thereof)

  1. Idk if you have this system in the US … But many places in the UK do:

    Skill exchange!

    Maybe someone has a garden/room/etc that they’d be willing to let you use in exchange for some time? Usually its handywork/language tutoring for a few hours or just helping decorate etc … (: Worth considering?


    1. Hm… I don’t know. Usually for anything like that to work you have to know the person before you ask to do that kind of exchange. I haven’t heard of any businesses doing that here.


      1. Here there are whole websites dedicated to allowing strangers/communities to share skills (: They’re starting to catch on and become more popular.

        I’m sure you’ll find somewhere (:


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